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Oriental rugs are beautiful and they add class to any room in your home. If you own them, it is important to have them cleaned once a year. That will keep them looking beautiful and it also ensures that the rugs don’t have contaminants that can cause problems for you. When you are ready for an Oriental rug cleaning call Get Green Carpet at (860) 806-2474 for a free quote.

Keep Your House Healthy

It isn’t enough to just vacuum your rugs. Vacuuming can’t get the dirt and contaminants that get deep into the fibers. Bacteria, allergens, dust mites, and dirt penetrate them. Each time you step on the rug, the contaminants are released into the air where they can cause breathing issues and other problems.

You need a good deep cleaning to ensure that the bacteria and other debris are removed. Having your rugs professionally cleaned removes all of the allergens and bacteria. This will improve the air quality in your home and make it a safer and better place to be.

If you notice that you get congested easily when you are in your house and that allergies are becoming a problem your rugs could definitely be to blame. Call Get Green Carpet at (860) 806-2474 today and have your rugs cleaned today.

Maintain The Value Of Your Rugs

Oriental rugs are an investment. You want to keep your investment and preserve it which is why you need to have your rugs cleaned regularly. The cleaning keeps the colors brilliant.

Regular cleaning keeps the fibers strong and ensures that the rug is not going to deteriorate. However, cleaning them is challenging and you need a professional to take care of it for you if you want the best results.

We know all of the latest and best methods of Oriental rug cleaning and we ensure that your rugs are going to be taken care of. Our process is gentle and it really works. You won’t have to worry about problems with your rugs when you hire us.

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Preserve your investment by having it cleaned on a regular basis. A good rug is going to provide your home or office with pleasure and beauty. Having it cleaned once a year will preserve it and keep your indoor air quality high. Call Get Green Carpet at (860) 806-2474 today for a free quote.

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