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Having your carpets professionally cleaned extends their life and keeps them looking their best. At Get Green Carpet, we make sure that your carpets look new and that they are also cleaned with safe green cleaning agents. Our technique is safe for the environment, kids and pets, and it removes allergens and bacteria from your carpet so your indoor air quality is much better.

We offer a Carpet Cleaning Service that’s both Safe and Effective, using our special eco-friendly carpet cleaning solution.

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5.0 Star Rating With Over 100 Reviews!

Wow! Just WOW!
These people made my carpet look BRAND NEW!

– Ellen-Jo Lancey
Hartford, Connecticut
You simply can't find a better carpet cleaning company than Get Green Carpet Cleaning!

Thank you so much! You truly saved our carpet!

– Tarin Rataic

I am completely BLOWN away!

They got my carpets and furniture looking brand new! I am so impressed. Not to mention my house smells amazing! I highly recommend these guys! I give them 10 plus stars. Great job!

– Danielle Alroy

I use them all the time
They do a great job and are very thorough.

– James Lorenzetti
Make Your Carpet Last Longer

Your carpet is going to last a lot longer when you choose Get Green Carpet. We are green cleaning experts and we make sure that all of the toxins are removed from your carpet so they look as good as possible. We work hard to keep your carpets looking their best so you get the most value out of them. Our methods are tried and true and environmentally-friendly and they really work.

When dust and dirt get into your carpet, the fibers start to wear down and this causes premature aging. As a result, it is going to look worn and you will have to replace it much sooner. When you have your carpets cleaned on a regular basis you don’t have to worry about this happening and they are going to last a lot longer.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

When your carpets are dirty and worn they start to collect bacteria and other allergens. This leads to poor quality air in your house. You end up with headaches and other respiratory issues when you have bacteria and allergens in your house.

Each time you step on the carpet, allergens get released into the air where they cause allergies, headaches, and congestion. Keeping them cleaned on a regular basis ensures that the bacteria and allergens are killed off so it isn’t a health threat.

Remove Stains From Your Carpet

Vacuuming at home can’t remove stains and dirt that gets deep down into the carpet. You need professional cleaning to get all of the stains out of the carpet so it looks clean. Our technique removes red wine stains, pet stains, coffee stains, and more. It is going to look like new once we are finished with them.

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