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You spend hours sleeping each night on your mattress, yet most people never even think about having it cleaned. If you wake up with a stuffy nose or have morning headaches, your mattress might be to blame. They get dirty just like rugs do. Bacteria, allergens, dirt and dust mites can infest your mattress and cause lots of health issues. To schedule a mattress cleaning call Get Green Carpet at (860) 806-2474 or click the button below to request a call back. You will notice the difference right away.

Why Clean Your Mattress

A clean mattress can make a big difference in how you feel each day. We deep clean mattresses using safe green cleaners that won’t harm your body or the environment. Our process kills bacteria and allergens. It also removes stains.

Cleaning Removes Stains

Mattress stains are impossible to get out on your own and you need a professional service to get them removed. Our team uses the latest safe and non-toxic cleaning agents to get all of the stains out of your mattress so you can enjoy a restful night’s sleep on it.

Our process removes all of the dirt and stains from the mattress. It also eliminates odors so you won’t have to smell it again. Our process is fast and it is efficient. All of the bacteria and allergens are going to be removed and your mattress is going to smell fresh and clean. Call Get Green Carpet at (860) 806-2474 for your free estimate.

Benefits of Mattress Cleaning

Mattresses cleaning has many benefits. You have peace of mind knowing that you are sleeping on a clean and bacteria-free mattress. You won’t have to deal with dust mites or breathe in contaminated air. All of the allergens will be destroyed which makes it so much more comfortable to sleep on.

A good cleaning makes a huge difference in the way your mattress feels. The indoor air quality in your bedroom is going be higher since the mattress won’t be putting out dust and allergens each time you sit on it.

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When you have a dirty mattress, the allergens are kicked into the air each time that you sleep on it. This leads to dust and dangerous indoor air quality in your home. 

Having your it professionally cleaned takes care of all of these issues. When you need an affordable green mattress cleaning service in Connecticut, call Get Green Carpet at (860) 806-2474. We are ready to help at a moment’s notice.

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