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Welcome to our FAQ page. If you don’t see your question answered here, please feel free to get in touch and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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Proven Carpet and Rug Cleaning Methods
What Services Do You Offer?

As the name would suggest, we do carpet cleaning, but we also clean floors, air ducts, rugs, mattresses, and more. If we can access it and our machines will safely be able to clean it, then we will offer that service. We also specialize in mold removal, grout cleaning, and odor removal.

Are Your Professionals Certified?

All of our professionals are certified by our in house 2-month course and backed by several years of experience. We know that allowing someone into your house, near your oriental rug, or onto your natural hardwood floors is an act of trust. We want to do everything we can not to betray that trust.

How Do I Contact You?

The BEST way to contact us is by calling the main office at (860) 806-2474. If you want a quote, want to check if we will work in a specific area, or just to check our qualifications, give us a call today.

Are You An Environmentally Friendly Company?

We work hard to make sure that we use some of the greenest methods in the industry. This includes our cleaning products and fleet.

Do You Completely Remove Stains?

While we will do our best to remove all stains, the age and how deep the stain has managed to set in will be a determining factor in the overall outcome of your cleaning. 90% of the time we can completely remove stains and repair all damage to your home.

Do You Move Furniture?

Yes! Actually we prefer that you leave your furniture where it is, taking only the clutter and anything that might fall when moving. This is because we are professionally trained to move furniture and can do so without causing any damage or stress to you.

How Long Until I Can Use My Carpet?

Your carpet will take a minimum of 8 hours to dry, some people find that it takes as long as 24 hours for their carpets to completely dry. You should try and stay off of your carpets for at least 24 hours, but after 8, if you want to walk on them make sure that you do so in clean socks, and don’t place anything on the carpet for at least a day after cleaning.

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